Our highly trained and competent staff are a huge part of what makes Teresa’s House different, and certified medication aide Alyssa Williamson is no exception. She exemplifies the best qualities of Teresa’s House, cultivating genuine and intentional relationships with our residents. In this interview, she tells us more about her responsibilities and what it’s like to live and work at Teresa’s House.

What is your role at Teresa’s House?

I am a certified medication aide, which means I’m responsible for administering daily medications, monitoring patients, and occasionally collecting samples. I also help coordinate activities and create our monthly activity calendar.

Why is it important for seniors to remain active? And how do you define “active”?

“Active” can mean something different for each person depending on their likes and dislikes and their abilities. We want our residents to stay mobile for as long as they can, but it’s really about providing activities that make our residents feel whole and loved. Limited mobility doesn’t stop us! Every activity can be modified to include everyone. One of our favorites is chair dancing—who doesn’t like to get their groove on?

What kind of programs should I look for when considering an assisted living community?

When considering programs for a loved one, it is important to see a variety of activities from recreation to relaxation. You want your loved one to be stimulated on all levels.

Are activities in Memory Care different from Assisted Living?

In Assisted Living, we follow an activity schedule, and its generally easy to get residents to participate. Memory Care, on the other hand, requires patience and flexibility. We always have an alternative plan in case our residents are having a tough day and need to switch to a different activity.

If my loved one isn’t in a community like Teresa’s House, what are some activities we could do together?

Go for a walk! Fresh air does wonders. Crafts and cooking are also some of our biggest hits here at Teresa’s House and could be accomplished fairly easily in a different environment.

How do the activities at Teresa’s House improve residents’ quality of life?

Research shows that activities reduce loneliness and social isolation and improve physical health and emotional wellbeing. I see how residents benefit just from the smiles on their faces.

One resident in particular was very depressed when he came to live with us to the point he would not get out of bed or even watch TV. With coaxing from our amazing staff, he slowly came out of his room—now you can even find him dancing in some of our exercise classes!

Stories like his convince me we are making a difference in the lives of our residents through engaging activities.

At Teresa’s House, we inspire residents to live life to the fullest. Our wide-ranging activity programs are designed to create meaningful moments, offer opportunities for connection and provide a sense of purpose, all made possible by our outstanding staff.