Frequently Asked Questions at Teresa’s House

What Is Memory Care?

Memory Care provides a safe, specialized and caring enviornment for residents coping with memory loss due to Alzheimer’s or other similar forms of dementia.  Teresa’s House Memory Care homes are custom-designed for the unique needs of those affected by memory-related disorders and dementia.

Focused on national best practices in safe and secure living environments, along with cueing and calming features throughout, Teresa’s House provides an unparalleled level of life enrichment and support not found in other settings.  Beginning with our degreed caregivers and experienced programming staff, our selection criteria and training exceed state requirements and surpass those of other care settings.  For famillies affected by various stages of dementia, we understand that it can be extremely difficult and overwhelming.

Our caring staff and management team have more than 30 years of experience in senior care.  We’re here to help answer questions and provide information or resources to help you make informed decisions for your family.

To learn more about our research-based Memory Care program, call us at 972.747.8033.

What is Short-Term Care?

Short-term respite care provides temporary housing in a furnished private room when a temporary stay is needed.  Whether a few weeks or longer, this option is ideal for those wanting to try out our community, recuperate following an illness or hospitalization, or to give full-time caregivers some time off.

At Teresa’s House, our exceptional care in a beautiful home environment offers an opportunity to experience all we offer and see what a difference we can make.

To learn more, contact us today at 972-747-8033.

Is Memory Care Different From Assisted Living?

Yes. Memory deficits are common in seniors and some individuals living in Assisted Living may have minor memory impairments.

However, Memory Care is for those who need a higher level of security, support and programming that is provided in Memory Care settings.

At Teresa’s House, we offer separate homes within a close neighborhood setting, specifically designed for Assisted Living and Memory Care senior living. Licensed nurses, certified and degreed staff are available 24/7 to provide physical safety and support.

Our team of experts can help determine the appropriate care level and setting.  Feel free to call us to discuss their unique needs and the ideal setting in which to thrive.

To schedule a tour, call 972.747-8033 and learn more about the differences offered at Teresa House for your loved one.

When Is A Parent’s Home No Longer an Option?

Telltale signs can help you recognize when it may be time for supportive living (assisted living or memory care) for your loved one.  These may include: deteriorating conditions in their home or their physical condition, falling, losing weight, loss of energy, lack of vitality or even decreased awareness.  Other indications to take notice of may be: unopened mail, falling behind on bills, isolation or difficulty maintaining personal health and hygiene.

If you’re seeing any of these, it may be time to talk with your loved one.  And most importantly, if you suspect memory loss with your parent or loved one, it’s time to seek medical advice.

To learn more about your options and what to do, contact us at 972.747-8033.  We’re happy to provide a listening ear and guidance on creating a plan of appropriate next steps.

Who Administers Medication For My Loved One?

At Teresa’s House, our professional team is caring, compassionate and most importantly, highly-qualified.  We have strict controls in place to prevent medication errors or mismanagement, which is widespread in assisted living and memory care communities.

Medication management is handled exclusively by 24/7 licensed nurses and Certified Medication Assistants.  Along with proper documentation, these measures ensure that we provide accurate and safe medication delivery for your loved one, as prescribed by their physician.

To learn more about what sets the level of care at Teresa’s House apart, contact us 972.747.8033.

How Do I Find the Right Living Solution?

Doing your research and asking the right questions are your best bet.  Investing time on the front-end can make a world of difference in the quality of care your loved one receives.  Plus, you can prevent heartache for your family down the road.

1. Who owns the community and do I trust them to fund, lead and oversee the quality of care my loved one’s needs?  Are they senior care experts?  Are nurses part of the ownership group?  Are they locally owned?  Can I meet them?

2. Who is the Executive Director?  Do I feel good about this person overseeing my loved one’s care and handling my questions and concerns as they arise?  Will they be here for the long term?  Or are they planning to sell their interest in the next year or two?

3. What did I feel when I toured the community?  Did I get a sense of the comfort, quality and the warmth I needed to feel to let them care for my loved one? Was the care staff warm and friendly?

4. Do they have nurses on-site 24/7 so that if my loved one experiences a problem there will be a qualified staff member on duty and on-site?

5. How is medication management handled?  Are Licensed or State Certified staff exlusively handling medication management?  Medication errors can be harmful.  Techs and caregivers are not qualified to manage this often-complex process.  Demand the best for your loved one.

6. Are there programs and activities that my loved one will enjoy and find meaningful?

7. How is the food quality?  Ask to eat a meal, and if possible, with the Executive Director to get to know her or him.

8. Is the community warm, inviting, attractive, well-maintained and most importantly, comfortable?

9. How is the location?  There is a saying in healthcare, “Drive for quality.”  The closest community doesn’t mean it’s the best for your loved one.  Always choose quality over close proximity to see your loved one receiving excellent care and thriving.

At Teresa’s House, we offer the finest in Assisted Living/Memory Care and Short-term Care.  Founders Teresa and Godwin are nationally recognized senior care experts who live locally and personally lead these communities.  With the highest quality staff and support, featuring 24/7 licensed nurses and certified/degreed staff,

Teresa’s House is uniquely qualified to care for your loved one in a truly outstanding care community.  For answers to your questions about senior living, contact us anytime at 972-747-8033.

We’re happy to provide a listening ear and helpful guidance.

How Often Should I Visit My Loved One?

Anytime! At Teresa’s House, our home is your home. We love to see families being attentive and engaged.

Whether participating in fun-filled activities with your loved one, gathering in our gourmet kitchen for a delicious meal, or sharing your talents with us, we are family-focused and welcome your involvement.  If you need a break or have to take care of other things, though, feel good knowing your family member is taken care of.

See for yourself what makes Teresa’s House truly exceptional.  To schedule a tour or for priority selection, contact us at 972.747-8033.

How Is Family Updated as a Resident’s Needs Change?

Should something change with your loved one, we’ll keep you informed.  Some of our unique differences are our 1:5 Caregiver-to-Patient ratio; 24/7 On-site nurses, and nursing leadership.  All of which allow us to provide a superior level of support and care.

Another important distinction at Teresa’s House: dedicated care teams who instill a culture of competence, purpose and meaning.  We believe in fully knowing every resident to ensure health, quality and connection.  Your loved one will always have a dedicated and consistent support system who know him or her, their preferences, and their personality.  Most importantly, though, your family member will get to know and trust our team.

Contact us today at 972.747.8033 to see and experience our exceptional difference.

How Are Caregivers Trained, Initially and Ongoing?

Exceptional care doesn’t just happen.  It is the result of careful selection, training and leadership by compassionate individuals who have a heart for service as well as the qualifications to care for seniors.

At Teresa’s House, our staff is comprised of:
1. Licensed nurses 24/7 On-site who have completed 1-4 year degree programs.
2. State Certified Medication Assistants and Nursing Assistants 24/7 – completed 120-140 hours of clinical and classroom training.
3. Degreed Caregivers in Memory Care have an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree.

Upon joining the staff at Teresa’s House, each member of our care team completes an extensive orientation program and training that goes well beyond the norm for Assisted Living and Memory Care.

We don’t just cover the basics, we train staff members to understand seniors, their specific and individual care needs, and nuances of the conditions we treat. Plus, education is ongoing.  We holistically train on the mind, body and spirit.  We also provide training on to helping a senior retain his or her dignity through the care continuum and truly thrive.

Family members are welcome to sit in our training and see for themselves what makes Teresa’s House training unsurpassed.

How Is My Loved One’s Care Plan Developed?

To help them live their best life, a customized care plan is created for every individual to address his or her specific needs and wants.  Teresa’s House was intentionally designed to accommodate a small number of residents so we can focus on each individual.  That is simply not possible in larger communities, due to the sheer number of residents.

Teresa’s House is able to focus on seniors and personalize their care like no other.  We provide initial and ongoing assessments, and listen to you and your loved one to learn their about their individual needs.

To provide the life you want for your loved one, we partner with you to develop a customized plan for them.  We’re here to help.  Feel free to reach out and discover how Teresa’s House can provide a smooth transition to assisted living or memory care. 972.747-8033.

What Amenities Do You Offer?

At Teresa’s House every neighborhood is unique and offers an array of amenities and services to fit every personality and interest.  Our stunning homes are meticulously designed for comfortable living that’s like home.  Only better.

We have warm and inviting interiors for recreation, socialization and entertaining.  Beauty shops, transportation coordination, exercise programs and so much more.

In addition, our neighborhood communities include family-style dining, spacious and beautiful patios, walking paths, gardens with planting beds and so much more!  Contact us today at 972.747.8033 to see what makes Teresa’s House exceptional.

What Dining Options Are Available?

Good nutrition is the centerpiece of personal wellness and vital to overall health to thrive.  At Teresa’s House, we offer a variety of fresh and delicious well-balanced meals that are prepared in our open gourmet kitchen and served family-style.  It’s also a time for residents to enjoy conversation and friendship gathered around the kitchen or in our gracious dining room.

We offer made-to-order breakfasts, with seasonal fruit and juices.  Lunches feature three courses, including an appetizer, main entrée and dessert. Dinners are satisfying and healthy dishes with a nourishing entrée and colorful vegetables.  For those with special dietary needs, our culinary director can create a custom meal plan.

To learn more about Teresa’s House and our family-centric approach to senior living, contact us today at 972.747.8033.

What Will My Loved One Do All Day?

Your family member can choose to participate in as many activities as they like.  We know the benefit of socialization is vitally important for seniors’ health and happiness.

That’s why Teresa’s House offers a host of fun and meaningful programs to keep them engaged and connected with others.  They can take a fitness class, create a painting, enjoy listening to music or playing the piano.  We even offer an intergenerational program with students.

Plus, there’s pet therapy, cooking classes, gardening, trivia, card games, holiday celebrations…you name it.  Teresa’s House offers a robust offering of life!

To learn more about our engaging activites that enrich the mind, body and spirit, contact us today at 972.747.8033.

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