Our Philosophy

Personalized and Compassionate Assisted
Living at Teresa’s House

Our Philosophy

Personalized and Compassionate Assisted Living at Teresa’s House

Our Passion — Serving Residents & Families

Exceptional Care

Experienced Leadership

Exceeding Expectations

Built on Exceptional Care, Resident-Centered Design & Enriching Lives

Our desire to exceed the expectations of our residents, families and caregivers shapes every aspect of life at Teresa’s House.

We believe that exceptional care doesn’t just happen by chance – it’s a culmination of dedicated, experienced leadership, highly competent staff and years of extensive research and design to create an ideal home atmosphere for our residents and their families.

Our Proven Methods of Exceptional Care

24/7 Senior Care Best Of McKinney

24/7 Exceptional Care 

Outstanding care is built one caregiver at a time.  Serving your loved one is our passion, so we recruit and retain only the best.  This is the approach we have followed throughout our careers to achieve sustained, recognized excellence, and it works.

We’ve also seen firsthand the difference in having licensed, certified and degreed staff can make in quality senior care.  For our caregivers, the opportunity to serve our residents is more than a job – it’s a calling.

Resident-Centered Design

Developed over the course of two decades by an experienced team of senior care consultants, every aspect of Teresa’s House represents best practices observed or reimagined and custom-tailored to meet the needs of our Assisted Living and Memory Care residents.

From the moment each resident arrives, Teresa’s House feels like home.  Warm and intimate, yet spacious and inviting, these elements were specifically designed to minimize the challenges and anxieties associated with a resident’s transition from their home to our home.  Every aspect of Teresa’s House feels accessible, comfortable and above all else – familiar which is paramount for our residents.  From the abundance of light to the natural beauty of our surrounding greenbelt and creek, our residents will enjoy supervised exploration, relaxation and enjoyment.

Enriching Lives

Our residents don’t live in a facility.  Instead, the team at Teresa’s House is privileged to work in their home.  We provide for their physical and emotional needs with kindness, competence and compassionate care.  Our beautiful neighborhoods with nutritious and delicious food, laughter, and friendship are the pillars for fostering enhanced quality of life. Our commitment is to ensure the very best for our residents and families by providing engaging opportunities that instill purpose and meaning each and every day.