7 Dimensions
of Wellness

Promoting Holistic Health at Teresa’s House

7 dimentions of wellness assisted living care mckinney texas

Being active and engaged, taking part in purposeful and meaningful activities and having overall well-being are the ultimate goals for our residents’ wellness at Teresa’s House.  For us, health and wellness are more than a focus area – they’re part of our lifestyle and essential to everything we do.  Empowering physical and spiritual health, while helping residents thrive through meaningful and purposeful living are woven into all aspects of care here.

In addition to premier healthcare and clinical support, we provide a host of wellness options for residents. Our engaging activities are thoughtfully planned to provide a sense of well-being, meaning and purpose.  Each element of our 7 Dimensions of Wellness program – from nutrition and clinical support to physical and mental fitness, to ongoing learning and social interaction is founded on best practices for successful living

7 Dimensions of Wellness Assisted Living McKinney, Texas

1. Social

It’s all about connections.  Being connected to family, friends and our exceptional care team is vitally important.  Our social programs even include intergenerational programs, mentoring and fun with local students in the community. It’s one of many ways we add meaning and purpose to each day.

2. Emotional

Emotional well-being is one of our highest priorities.  We offer meaningful programs where residents can feel uplifted, empowered and successful.  We also provide support in all areas to retain dignity.

Senior Care 7 Dimensions of Wellness McKinney Texas
7 dimensions of wellness assisted living care mckinney texas

3. Physical

We work to improve all aspects of overall health for our residents through personalized care programs.  These include: daily exercise, a balanced diet, routine medical check-ups and therapies.

4. Intellectual

Cognitive stimulation is essential to optimum brain function.  So, we incorporate learning into daily living. Presenting new concepts that improve cognitive function, learning about new friends and challenging residents with new skills or games can spark the imagination in a number of ways.  We feature the Never2Late program with customizable tracks for every participant.

7 Dimensions of Wellness Advanced Senior Care McKinney, Texas

5. Environmental

Residents will be able to enjoy the outdoors in our beautifully landscaped areas that showcase the natural environment, which includes Watters Creek and our greenbelt.  In addition, they can take part in our therapeutic gardening programs, enjoy our walking trails and even participate in projects with local community groups.

6. Spiritual

Spiritual wellness is described differently by each person, but can be defined through various factors including religious faith, values, ethics and morals.  We actively support each resident’s worship in their faith tradition and continued growth in their faith.

7 Dimensions of Wellness Assisted Living in McKinney, Texas

7. Occupational

Sharing a lifetime of experiences through our mentoring programs or taking an active part in community non-profits allows residents to continue making a contribution to their world.  We have many ways that Teresa’s House residents can actively participate in life, find meaning and make a difference to others

To learn more about our 7 Dimensions of Wellness, schedule a tour of Teresa’s House.  You’ll see why it’s a truly exceptional and caring place catering to residents and offering peace of mind for their families.

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