Assisted Living and Memory Care in Denton County, TX

Assisted Living and Memory Care in Denton County, TX

Luxurious Senior Living In Denton County

When a loved one needs assisted living, memory care, or enhanced care, you will want them to be in a place that offers the warm, comfortable feelings of home. This nurturing environment must include caring, professional assistance, nutritious and appetizing meals, comfortable rooms, and home-like living areas.

Teresa’s House Argyle in Denton County offers all this and more at our beautiful, comfortable community which provides caring, attentive assisted living for seniors from surrounding areas such as Robson Ranch, Flower Mound, Copper Canyon, and Double Oak to name a few. When you or your loved one moves to Teresa’s House, you will discover a supportive, caring environment that offers social engagements, enriched activities, fine dining experiences, and luxury private suites.

Tailored Services and Engaging Amenities

You and your loved one will feel at home at Teresa’s House. We constructed our nationally recognized community to be beautiful, comfortable, and therapeutic. Our residents live in luxury private suites within their beautifully appointed homes. Chef inspired meals are prepared in an open, accessible kitchen, and are enjoyed with the company of others, just like at home. Our secured grounds and gardens are perfect for enjoying outdoor engagements, walking, gardening, and/or relaxation.

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Personalized Care Choices

Teresa’s House offers care choices based on each individual’s stage in life. From assisted living to memory care to enhanced care, our residents receive a unique level of care that is perfect for them and may transition to a greater level of care if required, all in a familiar environment. Our licensed and tenured healthcare professionals manage all medications and care needs with a personal and compassionate approach. No corners are cut at Teresa’s House.

Continuing Purpose In Life

Teresa’s House celebrates each residents’ interests and life stories. We truly cherish our residents, their families, and their history, and incorporate that into a life enriching engagement program. Our 1:5 staff ratio enables us to support
each resident’s individual interests.

Memory Care Engaging Activities in McKinney, Texas
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Fostering an Active Lifestyle

An active lifestyle leads to better health outcomes and greater engagement with life. Our 7 Dimensions of Wellness help residents stay active longer. Fitness programs and regular physical activity help improve healing and function, balance, mood, and social engagement.

Personalized Care for Denton County Residents

One of the most challenging things to accept as we age is a loss of independence. Teresa’s House takes a personalized approach, respecting each senior’s individuality. We design daily activities that promote well-being and independence. Our trained and degreed professionals assist each resident in achieving the highest possible levels of well-being, meaning, and purpose.

Promoting an Active Lifestyle in Argyle

As we age, it is critical to stay engaged and fulfilled. Teresa’s House offers an extensive list of activities to keep Denton County’s seniors active mentally, physically, and socially. Our caregivers acquaint themselves with each resident to help them find what is most engaging. Here is what you can expect and enjoy:

  • Singalongs or listening to musical guests
  • Movie nights with popcorn and friends
  • Gardening in convenient raised beds
  • Cooking classes
  • Arts and crafts sessions
  • Fitness programs
  • Opportunities to mentor students or create items for local charities in Denton County
  • Games and other social activities
  • And so much more!

Our Devoted Professional Care Team

Our care team is compassionate, attentive, and qualified, with licensed nurses, certified staff, and degreed caregivers available 24/7. Our 1:5 caregiver-to-resident ratio enables us to provide the personal approach and continuity crucial for Denton County elders’ best outcomes. To ensure accuracy, only nurses and state-certified staff administer medications. Not only does this level of care help residents live their best lives, but it also gives the family peace of mind.

Family Integration and Connection

Family ties are essential for residents and families, so we designed Teresa’s House so family and friends feel welcome to visit and participate. Our delightful common spaces and 8,000-square-foot courtyard create welcoming spaces for visits at any time. Join us for a delicious meal from our open gourmet kitchen, share a talent, or participate in an activity. We’d love to have you!

Navigating from Denton County to Argyle

Teresa’s House is located in Argyle, a few minutes from U.S. Route 377, a seven-minute drive from the edge of Denton County, and 19 minutes from Denton’s city center. We are only 15 minutes by car from Double Oak and the Robson Ranch community (in Denton) and less than a 20-minute drive from Copper Canyon and West Flower Mound. We recognized a need for luxury and elevated senior care for residents of Denton County and chose this location to best serve you.

FAQs – Answering Your Questions

If you’re ready to explore senior care in Denton County, TX, please visit our FAQs page.  It contains answers to questions from Denton County residents and families considering assisted, memory, or enhanced care options.

What makes your Argyle facility a top choice for seniors who need assisted living in Denton County, TX?

Our warm, welcoming, compassionate approach to senior living in Denton County brings residents to Teresa’s House and supports them with the level of care they need as they age. Our degreed and certified professional staff, varied activities, and beautiful settings keep our residents healthy, happy, and active.

How does Teresa’s House facilitate the transition to assisted living for Denton County seniors?

Our staff prioritizes getting to know our residents and understanding their preferences, interests, histories, and current cognitive and physical status. Knowing each individual enables us to optimally serve their medical, social, spiritual, and physical needs.

Are there any specific programs or services at the Argyle residence designed to cater to the cultural and social preferences of Denton County residents?

Meaningful engagement, enjoyment, and an opportunity to contribute ensure we live a life with purpose. We offer activities that allow residents to contribute, such as knitting caps for preemies, making cards for service members, and helping elementary school students with reading.

We also offer social activities such as singalongs, musical performances, gardening, games, and movies with friends, setting the stage for enjoyment and friendship.

Direct Communication Lines

Teresa’s House is committed to open communication with family members. Family involvement in residents’ care supports optimal outcomes. You can contact us to ask questions or schedule a visit by calling 940.374.4932 or contacting us online anytime.

Argyle and Denton County – a Shared Community

With a 2024 population of over 7,000, Argyle is a growing part of Denton County. Teresa’s House serves the entire county and beyond, welcoming all, especially Denton County residents and those whose families live here.

Our visit-anytime policy for families and engagement with Denton County charities make our facility a vital part of the greater Denton County area.

A Superior Assisted Living Experience

We designed Teresa’s House to be just like home where Denton County, TX, seniors can live a meaningful life, enjoy family meals together, and receive exceptional care. We are passionate about providing an outstanding lifestyle and assisting residents in reinforcing cognitive strengths.

We’d love for you or your loved one to join our vibrant, caring community. Come for a visit and experience the warmth, compassion, and caring we provide daily for our residents.

Experience Teresa’s House. We’re Here To Help!