When it comes to finding an assisted living facility for your family member, we believe that it’s important to look beyond what is necessary or “good enough,” and instead seek out environments and services that will allow your loved one to live a full and meaningful day-to-day life. It can be difficult to hand over care to someone outside of your family.

You and your loved one deserve to know that the people responsible for their day-to-day care are committed to creating an environment in which they can continue to grow and thrive.

Your loved one deserves exceptional care, and our mission at Teresa’s House is to always exceed your expectations. That’s why we don’t have a “facility.” We have a community that thrives on intentional care of the highest caliber. No one was raised in a facility and being confined to an institution, even a pretty one, is not best practice when it comes to assisted living and memory care.

Our beautiful ranch-style homes are designed to reflect modern, updated understandings of best practices, providing a warm, home-like setting that prioritizes independence, comfort, and individuality while preserving dignity. 

Instead of corporate management, look for locally owned and operated.

Teresa's House Argyle, TX Senior Care Team

Did you know that most assisted living and memory care communities are part of large chains? This type of structure means that decisions about care and day-to-day life are made in offices far from the people they will impact by non-medical personnel who do not understand the specific care needs of your loved one. That fact made a profound impact on our founders, Teresa and Godwin, throughout their decades of working in the industry.

When it came to designing their own assisted living and memory care residence, Teresa and Godwin knew they wanted to be intimately involved in every aspect of development and operation. In addition to research-backed programs and thoughtful design decisions, they offer what may be the most important element of leadership: their presence. Both Teresa, a registered nurse, and Godwin, an experienced administrator, are on-site at Teresa’s House, working with and getting to know residents, their families, and all members of staff.

All of this means that when you have a question or concern, there will be no wondering who to contact or need to call a customer service number. Teresa’s House leadership and ownership are present and accessible and are passionate about providing exceptional care to everyone who walks through the door.

Instead of a facility, look for a community.

We developed every aspect of Teresa’s House over the course of three and a half decades, combining our experience as nationally recognized experts with the input of senior care consultants. We worked to reimagine industry standards by designing communities that are tailored to meet the needs of every resident, whether they are with us as Assisted Living, Memory Care, or Advanced Care residents. 

Being connected to family, friends and their care team is vitally important for your loved one’s well-being. Many care facilities feature communal spaces and group activities, but they do not always place those things in the larger context of assisted living and memory care. As we age, the activities we once found joy in can become overwhelming or confusing. As our physical and mental abilities change over time, it can be all too tempting to retreat into an isolated and sedentary lifestyle. 

Being active and engaged, taking part in purposeful and meaningful activities, and having overall well-being are the ultimate goals for our residents’ wellness at Teresa’s House, and cultivating a vibrant community amongst our residents and caregivers is the foundation of our philosophy.

That’s why our social programs include intergenerational programs, volunteering opportunities, and modified accommodations, like our vintage kitchen and “Godwin’s Garage”—a man cave complete with a real vintage Mustang, TVs, and even a bar—at our Argyle Community (and coming soon to Craig Ranch).

[Why a vintage kitchen? Because of all the great memories it brings back and the fact that it is just fun! Many of our residents are much more comfortable with the familiar technology and aesthetics they remember from their younger days. We also wanted to provide these families with the opportunity to cook a meal together away from digital appliances and confusing tools, which is why we built out a fully functioning kitchen that is more accessible to those with foundational memories of cooking in what we now consider a “vintage” setting.]

Instead of standardized care, look for personalized care plans.

welcome home assisted living care plans

We know that every resident who walks through our door is a beloved whole, complex person with specific needs and personal preferences. Our exceptional team provides personalized programming designed to support independence while reinforcing a sense of purpose in our residents’ lives. We want to honor the life your loved one has lived while offering research-backed guidance as they continue on their journey.

The size of our homes range from twelve to sixteen rooms—big enough for fun group activities, but small enough to foster genuine community. One of our residents put it best, saying they “can’t remember 60 names anymore, but [they] can remember 16.” They said they think of their neighbors and staff “like family” before adding, they “love it here.” 

We know this level of care can only be provided by the most highly trained caregivers, which is why we have licensed nurses and state-certified staff on-site 24/7. In addition to providing our staff with extensive and ongoing training, we maintain an industry-leading 1:5 staff to Resident ratio that allows for truly personalized care and unparalleled responsiveness, which can make a life-changing difference when it comes to both preventative and emergency care.

Recently, our caregivers were able to take swift action when one of our residents experienced a stroke, and we are happy to report that resident is now fully recovered and re-immersed in their life at Teresa’s House.

Exceptional care doesn’t happen by mistake. It is the result of consistent effort combined with experienced leadership and highly trained staff. Our founders, Teresa and Godwin, live nearby and work to know every staff member, resident, and family member on a personal level. 

Instead of adequate space, look for thoughtful design.

When we say that Teresa’s House is “just like home,” we really mean it. We opted for natural light over unsettling fluorescents; a beautiful, warm-toned color palette instead of outdated décor; and a careful balance of intimate and spacious settings.

Leaving one’s own space is an anxiety-inducing challenge, making it all the more important that our residents feel as if they are simply moving to a familiar new home instead of entering a facility/institution. We also choose our locations carefully, ensuring our residents have ample access to green space that allows for exploration and relaxation.

Our founders have a combined 70-year history of experience, with over 59 of those combined years being in the DFW metroplex, which has taught them first-hand what works: small, intimate settings that cater to comfort and nurture community.  Our “neighborhoods” allow our expert staff to provide more attention to residents, and we strive to have our residences feel like inviting family-oriented spaces instead of sterilized care facilities.

You can rest assured knowing we have been thoughtfully considering your loved one’s care long before they ever walk through our doors.

Instead of healthcare, look for holistic wellness.

In addition to industry-leading healthcare and clinical support, we emphasize purposeful living through attention to the body, mind, and soul. This holistic approach to wellness takes the form of volunteer opportunities and a range of daily activities that allow residents to continue pursuing their passions and interests. Helping residents thrive through meaningful and purposeful living is woven into all aspects of care here.

Each element of our 7 Dimensions of Wellness program—which encompasses social, emotional, physical, intellectual, environmental, spiritual, and occupational well-being—is founded on best practices for successful living.

We prioritize programs and procedures that support our residents’ dignity, improve their overall health, expose them to new experiences, and connect them to the world outside the walls of Teresa’s House. One vital part of this approach is dedicated attention to the food our residents get to enjoy. Our chefs make wonderful “comfort food” that is delicious and acts as a complement to our residents’ active lifestyles. 

There are plenty of resources that will tell you what you should expect from assisted living facilities: adequate medical care, help bathing and dressing, medication management, and daily activities. But it is our belief that you should look beyond the bare minimum and expect more from the senior living community and care services responsible for looking after those closest to you.

Finding the right community, one dedicated to consistently improving residents’ quality of life through personalized care plans and a holistic understanding of wellness, is vital to making your loved one’s move to an assisted living or memory care residence as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

We’d love to show you around Teresa’s House and learn more about your loved one.

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