How Teresa’s House actively ensures our residents are happy, healthy and connected.

By Godwin Dixon, NFA – Co-Founder & Co-Owner for Teresa’s House

Recently, a groundbreaking study revealed that prolonged feelings of loneliness had as much impact on your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. In other words, how connected you feel to others has a direct impact on how long you live, and your quality of life.

One of our core values at Teresa’s House is building genuine relationships with our residents. Mental health and social connection matter for all of us, but during COVID-19, it becomes even more of a priority in senior care as residents face increased isolation and loneliness this holiday season. While we can’t help seniors everywhere, we are doing some pretty innovative work to keep our seniors connected and thriving.

Here’s how we focus on building connections at Teresa’s House:

Open Concept Living in a Small House Design

  • Mealtime is a very special time for our residents and staff. Our open kitchen design welcomes great conversation and interaction as homemade, from scratch meals are prepared daily.
  • Our living room is our social hub, where residents spend quality time getting to know one another, swapping stories, watching the big screen and playing games. 

1:5 Staff to Resident Ratio

  • We keep our staff-to-resident ratio low, so our residents get the individualized attention and personal care they deserve.
  • Our low ratio means we can take a walk with a resident or sit down for a one-on-one conversation or even game during the day.

Daily Activities with a Purpose

  • Our daily actives are designed to be social, fun and therapeutic! Our staff enjoy them as much as our residents!
  • Our weekly happy hour is the best time of the week, where we enjoy swapping stories and our favorit­­e beverages as a family.

Conscious Communication

  • Our staff are highly trained communicators, and you’ll notice they are always happy and enjoy being with our residents.  And with the special training provided, they have great visits with our residents – who in turn, truly feel “heard”.  These connections are priceless.   
  • It’s important that every member of our staff get to know our residents personally. We firmly believe friendship is a two-way street and our staff benefit as much from these relationships as our residents!

State of the Art Technology

  • Our residents and staff benefit from the Never2Late program with its over 4,000 programs and activities that range from competitive games, to educational opportunities, to music, reminiscing and even tiered sensory stimulation programs.

Is it time to consider assisted living or memory care? Reach out today and learn why our residents say it really does feel like home.

From all of us at Teresa’s House, may your days be merry and bright this holiday season.