Degreed Caregivers at Teresa’s House

Lovingly and appropriately caring for someone with dementia is extremely challenging. To do it exceptionally well takes a caring heart, the right temperament and experience. But it also takes an understanding of how the different forms of memory disorders affect behavior, cognition and understanding. Dementia related to Alzheimer’s Disease is very different from that which causes Lewy-Body, Vascular and Frontal-Lobe dementia. In addition, dementia’s caused by strokes, Parkinson’s and Brain Injury are also very different.

Every resident is unique and understanding the different personalities along with the complexity and nuances of the different dementia’s is key for providing the best. For that reason, Teresa’s House features Degreed Caregiver Specialists who are providing hands-on care for our residents. These are individuals who are highly motivated to make a difference and are able to provide a much greater degree of understanding and support to residents facing the challenges of dementia.

Co-Founder, Godwin Dixon, developed this position based on his first-hand experience. He worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant during his college years with special needs populations and saw first-hand the difference in quality of care and understanding that his fellow students provided versus the traditional care model. Nationwide research confirmed this approach and it is a hallmark of the Teresa’s House difference in Memory Care.