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Nurse-Owned & Operated Assisted Living & Memory Care

Finally, high-quality assisted living has arrived in McKinney. Come and see what a difference nurse-owned and -operated community, the right team of professionals, and local, hands-on ownership can make for your loved one.

√24/7 On-site Nurse

√Highly trained staff

√ 1:5 staff to resident ratio

√ Concierge care

√ Chef-prepared meals

√ Premium amenities

√ Equine-Assisted Activities

√ Working vintage kitchen

√ Garage with a vintage Mustang

√ Locally owned and operated

The Owners of Teresa's House standing out front of the building

Meet the Owners

We’re Teresa Whittington, RN BSN and Godwin Dixon, NFA. Both of us were blessed in the sense of being raised in families that taught us the importance of hard work, honesty and kindness.  We were taught to always give our best and our purpose “Seek to Serve” is woven into everything we do.

Together, we have achieved local, statewide and national recognition for our work including:

  • Quality Scores (National Best)
  • Resident & Family Satisfaction (National Best)
  • Design & Programming (National awards and recognition)
  • Hiring Practices (Local recognition)

And our work has been featured on NBC Nightly News, CNN, US News & World Report and multiple DFW media outlets.

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Teresa’s House Is Just Like Home.

Only Better.

Assisted Living at Teresa's House McKinney

What if my loved one needs more?

Assisted Living at Teresa's House McKinney

Our Advanced Care (AC) home provides the highest level of high-acuity assisted living care and transcends the paradigm of a traditional assisted living community. With 24/7 nurses and state certified healthcare professionals providing the care, our families have the peace of mind of knowing their loved ones are receiving the best of care and services.

The residents in our AC Home are in the later stages of their diagnosed disease process(es) and our highly trained staff provides tailored care plans to meet the needs of each individual, up to and including hospice care. We believe that our residents should experience the best care, in a dignified manner through the full continuum of care, as they age in place.

We made Teresa’s House the kind of place that we’d want our loved ones to be, and we truly believe in giving all of our resident’s and families the same peace of mind. It’s Like Home – Only Better.

Purposeful Living

  • 7 Dimensions of Wellness
  • Intergenerational programming (seniors & children)
  • Pet & music therapy
  • Exercise for the body, mind & soul
  • Meaningful volunteer opportunities

Premium Amenities 

  • Elegant common areas designed for comfort & safety
  • Inviting kitchens that are open, bright & accessible
  • Family-style meals & delicious snacks
  • Welcoming front porches & cheerful sunrooms
  • Lovely views of the creek & greenbelt
Greg Sanza
Greg Sanza
Mom (94) stayed at Teresa House essentially 2021 thru now. My sister, my brother and I reminded ourselves everyday how thankful we were about placing her there, especially after a very poor (4-month) experience of being placed in another (much larger) assisted living facility, that we had screened ourselves two years prior and thought was fine at that time! Little did we know it had changed management during the interim. After she moved into Teresa house, the three of us had each constantly asked Mom how she liked it there, especially after the debacle with the other facility. Her answer had consistently been, "Well there's no place like home... but this has been the next best thing!" For our mother to lay that sort of praise on anybody is practically unheard of!! So, we three are grateful for all the efforts Teresa House and its staff made to get her to finally "think she was home"!! We would highly recommend it to anyone!!
Erin Caston
Erin Caston
As a community nurse, I have had the privilege of collaborating with Teresa's House Assisted Living and Memory Care, and I must say that their commitment to providing exceptional care and support is truly remarkable. From a professional standpoint, I have seen firsthand the positive impact they have on the lives of their residents, and I wholeheartedly recommend Teresa's House as a top-tier community. From the moment I began working with the staff at Teresa's House, I was struck by their unwavering dedication and expertise. Their approach is centered around the well-being of the residents, and it is evident that they prioritize maintaining a high standard of care and excellence. The staff members are compassionate, well-trained, and consistently go above and beyond in their duties. Teresa's House is thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable and safe home like community for its residents. The living spaces are carefully crafted to meet the unique needs of individuals with mobility difficulties and memory impairments, ensuring both functionality and a true sense of home. The community's attention to detail in creating a welcoming and nurturing atmosphere is truly commendable. One of the key strengths of Teresa's House is their personalized approach to care. The staff members take the time to truly understand each resident, including their medical history, preferences, and individual requirements. This level of attention allows them to tailor their care plans accordingly, ensuring that each resident receives the specialized support they need to thrive. The activities and programs offered are nothing short of exceptional. The engagement and stimulation provided to the residents through various cognitive, physical, and social activities are remarkable. These activities are carefully designed to promote mental well-being, foster social connections, and enhance overall quality of life. The staff's creativity and commitment in planning and executing these activities are truly admirable. In terms of healthcare management, Teresa's House excels in providing comprehensive and coordinated medical services. They have a collaborative approach, working closely with healthcare professionals, such as primary care providers, home health and hospice agencies such as myself to ensure the seamless integration of medical care into the residents' daily lives. The staff's attention to medication management, regular health monitoring, and prompt response to any healthcare concerns is commendable. Moreover, the dining experience at Teresa's House is home like often incorporating resident's favorite recipes. The meals provided are not only nutritious but also cater to individual dietary requirements and preferences. The dining area is warm, inviting, and promotes social interaction among residents during mealtimes. Teresa's House places paramount importance on maintaining a secure and safe environment. The staff members are diligent in implementing safety protocols, ensuring that the residents are protected and their well-being is prioritized at all times. I have witnessed their commitment to maintaining a safe living space, and it has always been reassuring to see the attention to detail in this aspect. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Teresa's House Assisted Living and Memory Care as a top choice for senior living. Their commitment to excellence, personalized approach to care, engaging activities, comprehensive healthcare management, and focus on safety make Teresa's House an exemplary community. I have seen firsthand the positive impact they have on their residents' lives, and I am confident that anyone seeking exceptional senior care services will find Teresa's House to be a sanctuary of support and excellence within the community. They have truly have reimagined and reinvented what a senior care community can be.
Kate Spragins
Kate Spragins
Teresa’s House was truly a gift in the final stage of my father-in-law’s life, as he spent his last days in the comfort of the advanced care building/staff. By the time we found this amazing place we had experienced many hospitals, recovery and assisted living facilities. None compared to the beautiful, inviting and peaceful environment that Teresa’s house and their people provided in combination with excellent, detailed care. From the time we first toured the facility to the day we departed, they treated us like family and helped every step of the way. The facility, staff and quality of care were outstanding. We are so grateful for the time that we got to share with my father-in-law at Teresa’s House, where we all felt at home.
Carolann Douglas
Carolann Douglas
Teresa’s House is phenomenal! My MIL is a new resident and she is treated as though she is family. We all are! The staff is friendly and very experienced in memory care and we couldn’t ask for a better home for her. Most importantly SHE is happy here at Teresa’s House. Thank you all for making this transition a little easier.
Amy Armistead
Amy Armistead
The attention to detail, the friendly, caring & professional staff, the welcoming home like atmosphere, & the concept of consistent & quality care, were evident throughout my visit to Teresa’s House. What a special place this truly is!
Dickson Nyarango
Dickson Nyarango
It's a new facility, that looks clean and neat 👌
Karen Shaw
Karen Shaw
My mother, Susan Carter, was at Teresa's house from Nov. of 2020 until she recently passed away. The care that she was given there was absolutely exceptional! The staff are always so friendly and did everything they could to make her time there comfortable and happy. She was treating with such dignity and respect and love and compassion. I cannot thank the staff for everything that they did for my mother. They were always cheerful and gracious and very understanding. They were also very responsive to my sister and myself, answered all of our questions, and helped us get through the last two years of her life. I would highly recommend Teresa's House to anyone seeking a warm, caring and loving place for their parent. Thank you Teresa's House for everything that you have done!
Linda Fusco
Linda Fusco
My mother Carol was one of Teresa’s House’s first residents.  We were excited about moving her into Assisted Living and all of the great programming and social life she would enjoy.  She even did a tour during construction and was looking forward to moving in. Shortly before she could move in, she fell at home and had a concussion that made her dementia worse and she ended up needing Memory Care.  I was so thankful that Teresa’s House offered this option because mom spent the majority of her almost two years at Teresa’s House in Memory Care.  She would still come to some activities in Assisted Living but was a mainstay in Memory Care and continued her lifelong love of all things crafts and art.  I still think of the many wonderful staff that cared for her. As mom’s health declined, she needed Advanced Care and again, I was so thankful that Teresa’s House offered it.  In Advanced Care we experienced another group of truly kind and caring staff who made sure mom was well cared for and all her needs met. Throughout it all, Co-owner Teresa (for whom the community is named) was there for us again and again helping us through the challenges that inevitably come up.  We were so grateful for her, her knowledge, and her compassion. Teresas’s House in truly a home not a facility and the caregivers go above and beyond everyday. These are good people and I would recommend them to anyone for the care of your loved one.

And so much more…

Simply put, the hallmarks of Teresa’s House are laughter, engagement and the familiar comforts of home, supported by true professionals.  Visit and experience for yourself why Teresa’s House is truly exceptional!

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